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Happy as a Hippo is about a young hippopotamus’ journey to find happiness. Hani, the hippo, believed happiness was found in outward appearances, abilities, and possessions. However, Hani soon finds out happiness is not dependent on what we have, it is found in who we are. Happiness is knowing you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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About the Authors

Brandon & JoyAnn Smith are passionate about motivating, encouraging, and challenging people to be the best version of themselves. Brandon is an award winning public speaker, podcaster, business coach and author. He has spent years motivating audiences to get out of their comfort zone and to dream again. In addition to being an author, JoyAnn is a licensed business assistant, homemaker, stepmom, and lover of people. Brandon, JoyAnn and their three children, Avery, Boston, and Harper, reside in Missoula, Montana.
Connect with Brandon & JoyAnn on Instagram: @brandon5mith and @joyann.elizabeth



Start Living with Purpose

Putting your plans on paper is the first step to achieving your personal, and professional goals. That's why Brandon created the 52 Week Planner for Intentional Living. You’ll find everything you need to make this a successful year—a year that helps you produce with purpose. Having the LET'S GO! planner is like having Brandon as your personal coach who guides you toward results. 


What's included?

  • Quarterly Goal Setting: List key dates, important deadlines and even make sure your goals are SMART, Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

  • Weekly Preview: What will you keep, improve, stop, or start doing each week?

  • Weekly Calendar: Fill in the time slots with your to-do list and your day-to-day commitments with the Time Blocking method.

  • Directory of Preferred Insurance Agents: Directory of 52 certified insurance agents (one from each state, including Canada and Washington DC) so you can confidently refer your client to a reputable agent. 

  • Wisdom: Each week as you get to the weekly preview, you will have a piece of encouragement, a quote, or a simple piece of advice waiting for you. The wisdom, knowledge and experience shared may be just what you need to close the next big sale, retain the account, or simply get you through the day.


It is time to leave behind the chaos and stress of winging your weekly calendar. This planner will help you as you plan out what you want to accomplish with every working hour of your year. And then it will help you put your goals to work as you become more focused on your priorities.

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