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The memories of certain milestones are etched in our minds forever.

The feeling of accomplishment when you hold the book you've written for the first time.

The exhilaration when your sales team surpasses your annual projections.

The triumphant moment as you cross the finish line of a marathon.

The joy of getting paid for doing something you love.

The emotion when your son jumps into your arms after winning a Little League championship and says, “We did it!”

The satisfaction when your marketing team sells out of a new product.

Completing a goal is an incredible experience.

It's why restaurants proudly display their first dollar bill behind the cash register. They achieved their goal.

And I want that feeling for you.

I want you and your team to experience that moment.

I want to assist you in achieving whatever goal you’re focused on.

Because those who ‘Do It’ are the ones who shape the future.

That’s why I write books like, Happy as a Hippo and Let’s Go!

That’s why I give keynotes to companies around the country.

That’s why I host “The Missoula Podcast” and create content on social media.

That’s why I work hard to add humor, fun, and at least one coffee reference to everything I do. (I talked about coffee so many times on social media that Provision Coffee mailed me 20 pounds of beans, so technically I’m also now a “Coffee Influencer,” which is nice.)

Everything I do is based on one simple principle:

I believe in you, and I believe in your goals.

If you believe too, let’s work together.

– Brandon

P.S., I also have an official bio below if you’re curious.

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4579 Christian Dr

Missoula, MT 59803


Brandon Smith is an award-winning public speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He hosts "The Missoula Podcast" and he and his wife co-authored the best-selling children's book "Happy as a Hippo."

He is a sought-after speaker, known for his ability to motivate and inspire audiences to think differently and reach their full potential. He has 19 years of experience in the insurance industry and currently serves as the EVP of Development & Strategy for Glidewell, a Montana-based insurance and investment firm. He is also the founder of Producer Development Program, a marketing and development program for independent insurance agents, and co-founder of Insurance Agency Owners Alliance, an association of over 8,000 agency owners who innovate and collaborate through live events, webinars, and more.

He attended Southwestern University on a basketball scholarship. He is a die-hard Red Sox fan, loves coffee and Wi-Fi, and was once a line leader in second grade. He resides in Missoula, Montana with his wife Joy and their three children Avery, Boston, and Harper.

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