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"I’ve gone to a lot of sales conferences over the years and Brandon is truly one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard." - Kurt Ieuter, CEO, Ieuter Insurance Group


Anything out of balance can be dangerous, right? During this session, Brandon helps bridge the gap and bring balance between maintaining healthy relationships and leveraging technology. Brandon shares how his team builds deeper, more meaningful relationships and converts over 6,500 digital leads per year. His primary goal is that attendees leave this session with a proven game plan that supports the use of technology, maintains an excellent customer experience, consistently generates a positive ROI and helps build longer lasting relationships.
Most of us entered our industry for two reasons, earning capacity and lifestyle. Yet we are busier than ever before and still not satisfied with the results. Have you ever wondered why some people brag about working 50, 60 or even 75 hours per week, like it’s some badge of honor? What a poor use of time...and life. Brandon has found that the first step toward living the kind of life you’ve always wanted is by being intentional, by creating a schedule/calendar that works. You’ve got to have a plan. Being intentional about how you use your time is the difference between living the life you want and just being stuck. In this wellness session, Brandon will help you prioritize what is important and teach you how to create a schedule where everything fits perfectly into place.
Only 30% of insurance agencies have an equal focus on both new business and retention. Think about that, think about every conference we attend…70% or more of the content is on marketing, new leads, sales, increase closing rations...very little is on retention. It makes sense that the main focus of our agencies is sales, because that is what is taught from the top down. In the last year Brandon created a new position in their agency for a retention specialist...after acquiring data and fine tuning their renewal strategies they have seen a drastic increase in retention and cross sell opportunities. Brandon is ready to share the systems and strategies with you.
During this session, Brandon shares three dynamic stories of how he leveraged a youth sports sponsorship to generate a 2100% return on his investment, grew his Facebook page by 350 local followers in less than 48 hours which then generated $5,000 in first year revenue, and utilized business relationships to produce referrals 95% of the time. Using these true stories, Brandon will teach you how to build genuine relationships in business, broaden your agency's reach on social media, and generate dozens of leads within your community. You will leave this session with a proven game plan that will help you consistently bring about a positive ROI, while pouring into your community at the same time.
The main purpose of this session is to motivate, challenge and encourage agents to be the best version of themselves. For some reason or another each of us is born with a dream...and over time we allow those dreams to turn in to routines. So, why do we settle for average? Brandon's goal is to take you on a journey and encourage you to be proactive, take risk, and conquer the fears inside of you…so that you no longer paralyze yourself from moving forward but learn to pursue your dreams. Brandon will conclude by challenging you to make up your mind; no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, that you will do more than be average. The hope is that you will choose breakthrough and will learn to dream again!

"Simply put, powerful."- Grant Botma, Founder, Stewardship Insurance

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"Thanks again for your engaging and insightful presentation – the best I’ve heard in my three years here at Brightway!"Erica Totten, Marketing Coordinator, Brightway Insurance

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“Solid message, gifted delivery.”

Trish Nelson, Asst. Vice President, Region Manager
Safeco Insurance

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- January 26 - Missoula, MT - Straight 6
- February 3-5 - Las Vegas, NV - Private Event
- February 21 - Mesa, AZ - Better Agency
- February 23 - Gilbert, AZ - Platform Marketing
- April 20 - Phoenix, AZ - Agency Success Pre-Conference
- April 21-22 - Phoenix, AZ - Agency Success
- April 25 - Charleston, WV - Mountain State Agency Alliance
- May 2 - Las Vegas, NV - Agents Brokers United
- May 12 - Boston, MA - Private Event
- May 16 - Bowling Green, KY - Kentucky Leadership Conference

- May 17 - Bozeman, MT - Montana Camp
- May 23-34 - Park City, UT - Paradiso Mastermind
- June 26 - Missoula, MT - Riptide Life Coaching
- July 13 - Phoenix, AZ - Private Event
- August 8 - Coeur d'Alene, ID - Big I State Convention
- November 2 - Boston, MA - Big I State Convention
- December 2 - Naples, FL - Platform Marketing
- January 19-20 - Grapevine, TX - Germania Insurance
- February 13 - Columbia, SC - Real Estate Success Summit
- March 28 - St George, UT - Washington Cou Board of Realtors


Brandon Smith is an award-winning public speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He hosts "The Missoula Podcast" and he and his wife co-authored the best-selling children's book "Happy as a Hippo."He is a sought-after speaker, known for his ability to motivate and inspire audiences to think differently and reach their full potential. He has 19 years of experience in the insurance industry and currently serves as the EVP of Development & Strategy for Glidewell, a Montana-based insurance and investment firm. He is also the founder of Producer Development Program, a marketing and development program for independent insurance agents, and co-founder of Insurance Agency Owners Alliance, an association of over 8,000 agency owners who innovate and collaborate through live events, webinars, and more.He attended Southwestern University on a basketball scholarship. He is a die-hard Red Sox fan, loves coffee and Wi-Fi, and was once a line leader in second grade. He resides in Missoula, Montana with his wife Joy and their three children Avery, Boston, and Harper.

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